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Posted on 27th April 2015 by BEN WAINE

The ultimate dream car.

We’re on a mission to find the ultimate dream car, be it supercar, prestige vehicle or luxury saloon, and we want you to help us.

With such a vast range of vehicles available to hire including head-turners, pulse rate raisers, heart-stoppers, classic selection and the simply sophisticated, it is not an easy task to even create a top 10 for our selection of vehicles here at DreamCar.
DreamCar Hire has just launched its new website providing some of the best-loved and sought-after vehicles ever to roll off the production line this century. Our vehicles have been carefully chosen to meet the requirements of today’s new generation of supercar hirers who may only want to be behind the wheel of a vehicle on certain weekends; people who are looking for the perfect car for a special occasion; business people who may need a luxury saloon to attend that all-important business meeting or if they need to transport clients in comfort and style; and those of us who want to experience the sheer driving pleasure of our dream car or cars.

Our clients will be looking for a variety of vehicles to meet all manner of criteria and for many of our regular customers, we know you hire a different car depending on your particular needs at a given moment. Inevitably, our huge variety of vehicles to hire attracts customers from all walks of life and with a wide variety of requirements, making it near on impossible for us to pinpoint the perfect car.

Of course, everyone’s dream car will vary, but that’s the point we’re after a variety of opinions and reasons for choosing a particular vehicle. Your views will help other people make the right choice of hire car, so please do email us a few lines about your DreamCar experience, we’d love to see your photos too and we’ll use the best here in our blog or testimonial section.

If you’re new to DreamCar Hire, we suggest you make yourself comfortable and take your time browsing the vehicles we have on offer. Some of you will already know exactly the car you want, in which case, we’re sure you’ll find it among our extensive selection. Our line-up includes James Bond’s choice of car the Aston Martin DB9, the combination of saloon comfort and powerful performance in the BMW M5 F10, several Ferrari supercars and unique McLaren MP4.

Will you choose the elegant lines of a coupe such as the Audi R8, the power and the passion of the Lamborghini Huracan , the freedom of top down driving with sports cars like the Jaguar F-Type or Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, the sophistication of the Bentley Continental GTC or the refined luxury of Range Rover? Whichever vehicle you choose, you won’t want to give it back, but then, there’s always next weekend or the weekend after!

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